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Staff Management Team

Name                                                  Phone                          Email                                      

Jim Gregory, LCSW                                        501-326-6700                      jgregory@cciar.org 
Chief Executive Officer


Jim Robertson                                                 501-326-6718                      jrobertson@cciar.org         
Director of Finance Department


Joyce Schimenti, LCSW                                  501-326-6729                      jschimenti@cciar.org   
Director of Quality Assurance Program


Robert Bennett, LCSW                                    501-326-6750                       rbennett@cciar.org
Director of Outpatient Program


Jessica Anderson, LCSW,                               501-326-6707                        janderson@cciar.org
Director of Youth Services Program


Rick Dawson, LPC                                           501-860-9505                        rdawson@cciar.org 
Director of Community Support Program

Holli Browning, LCSW                                      501-623-3477                        hbrowning@sgtar.org  
Director of Small Group Therapy               


Ty Crutchfield, LCSW                                       501-776-6680                        ty.crutchfield@salinememorial.org 
Director of Generations Program


Chad Strike, LCSW                                           501-594-5200                        cstrike@2cyr.org 
Director of Second Chance Ranch Program