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CCI offers specialized treatment to persons who may be experiencing: Depression, Anxiety/Phobias, General Psychiatric Disorders, Mental Illness, Substance Abuse Problems, Sexual Issues/Dysfunctions, Parent Children Problems, Attention Deficit Disorder, Family Problems, School Problems, Situational Problems, and any other emotional disturbances.
• Individual, Family Group Therapies
• Emergency/Crisis Intervention
• Psychological/Educational Testing
• Counseling Services for Hearing Impaired
• Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention
• Outpt. Treatment & Intensive Outpt.
• Medication Management
• Parenting
• Anger Management
• Domestic Violence
• Intervention Services
• ADHD—Evaluation & Treatment
• Forensic Evaluation
• Psychosocial Rehab
• Specialized Youth Services
• Acute Psychiatric Inpatient & Assessment
• Services for Senior Adults
• Assessment & Referral Services
• Residential Care Facility (SGT only)
• Community Housing (SGT only)
CCI provides interpreters for the hearing impaired as well as for other languages.